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My Fanfic

My fic  master list can be found at my Dreamwidth and at An Archive Of Our Own.

My fics are all based on works of fiction that belong to people other than myself. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended. The characters and universes belong to other people; the plots and themes are as old as storytelling, as old as humankind; only the specific arrangements of characters, universes, plots, and themes contained in the stories linked here belong to me.

Creative Commons License
This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may alter, adapt, remix, re-vision, perform, reproduce, or transform any of my work in any way, shape, or form, as long as you include a reference to and let me know so that I can enjoy it, too. Once something's done and posted, any kind of discussion, commentary, critique, dissection, etc is welcome, whether it be here, elsewhere, what-have-you. Need an example for the meta point you're making? Feel free to pick something I wrote to little pieces, and I mean that in both the literary-dissection sense or in the more typically-used send of the word, namely, the pointing-out of what didn't work for you in the story.
Tags: a chorus line, atlantis, b5, batman, batman beyond, bible, big fish, bsg, btvs/ats, chalionverse, criminal minds, crossover, deep space nine, disney, doctor who, fic, highlander, honor harrington, justice league, narnia, pride & prejudice, sg-1, star trek, superman, temeraire, torchwood, vorkosiverse, west wing, western
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